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What Are Tongue and Lip Ties?

Tongue-tie and lip-tie are common among infants and toddlers. They not only restrict movement but can create speech and eating problems. Tongue-tie occurs when a band of tissue connects the bottom of the tongue to the palate. Lip-tie tethers the inside of the lip to the gums with a small band of tissue.

Cutting the band of tissue that causes tongue and lip ties frees the lips and tongue, making it easier for children to eat and eventually speak. Our dental office provides comfortable tongue and lip tie treatment in Worcester, MA, helping children restore function to their smiles. 

What Are Tongue and Lip Ties?

What are the Signs of Tongue-Tie and Lip-Tie?

Look out for these signs of tongue or lip tie in your child:

  • Fatigue or difficulty breastfeeding
  • Minimal weight gain
  • The tongue appears heart-shaped
  • Limited tongue mobility

You can also examine their smile and look for the band of tissue connecting the gums to the lips or the tongue to the palate. Please contact us if you begin to notice these signs. Some signs may not be tongue-tie and lip-tie alone, such as minimal weight gain, so you should consult your child’s pediatrician and contact us for an examination.

Tongue-tie and lip-tie cause nutritional problems because of restricted tongue or lip movement. As children grow older, they can experience speech problems, particularly pronouncing certain sounds that require touching the roof of the mouth. Regular tasks like licking the lips can be difficult for patients with tongue-tie.

Treating Tongue-Tie and Lip-Tie

It is important to address tongue-tie and lip-tie before your child develops problems as they grow. Before treatment, we will work with your child’s pediatrician and examine your child’s smile to determine if laser treatment is right for them.

BabyLase is a treatment customized to young children so they will not feel pain or discomfort. This laser therapy uses light wavelengths to gently cut the band of tissue that restricts the lip or tongue. B

abyLase treatment is customized for infants and toddlers. Treatment is quick and painless; the laser will only feel mildly warm to your child. We will also utilize gentle anesthesia before laser treatment. 

Dental lasers offer non-surgical treatment. Instead of cutting tissue with traditional surgical tools, lasers affect the tissue on a molecular level. The laser releases the lip or tongue and increases tissue circulation. After BabyLase, children can freely move their lips and tongue without restriction.

At Children’s Dental Specialties, we are passionate about helping children receive comfortable dental care to improve the function of their smiles. Early dental care and prevention are key to years of happy and healthy smiles.

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