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Dental Sealants Worcester, MA

Dental sealants are clear or shaded plastic protective coatings placed on back teeth to prevent cavities. These teeth tend to have natural groves and pits where most cavities begin in children. We recommend dental sealants for patients once their larger molars emerge, typically between the ages of 6 to 12.

Children who receive dental sealants in our Worcester, MA, office have the added benefit of preventative pediatric dental care. Sealants can reduce the chance of patients developing cavities that create permanent holes in the teeth. Dental sealants also prevent needing a pediatric root canal or dental fillings.

Dental Sealants for Children in Worcester, MA

Dental Sealant Treatment in Worcester, MA

Sealants provide quick and painless treatment that we can provide in just one office visit. To begin treatment, we ensure that the teeth are clean. Typically, we provide dental sealants following a routine dental cleaning. Then, we prepare the surface of the teeth with an acidic compound.

This preparation ensures that the sealants adhere to the teeth. Once the compound dries, we apply the dental sealant to the chewing surfaces with a small brush, ensuring that we cover each groove. Finally, we harden the sealant with a curing light. 

Dental sealants create a protective barrier against food particles and harmful bacteria that can break down tooth enamel. Harmful bacteria feed on sugars and starches left in the mouth. It is common for plaque and tartar to build on the back teeth, as they can be more difficult to clean than other teeth.

Cavities are prevalent among children, especially if they do not properly care for their smiles. Children also often consume more sugary foods and beverages that can attract harmful bacteria. It is especially important to address signs of decay as children grow, as decay can impact the health of their permanent teeth.

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