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Pleasant and Comfortable

We would like to give you some information which you may find useful in understanding our office. We want your child's first visit to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. For your convenience prior to visiting our office, please click on the link below to fill out your new patient form online.

What to Expect

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Office Tour to comfort your child

On the first appointment younger children will have an introduction to the office. Our experience has shown that most children over the age of three will enjoy their first visit without the accompaniment of their parents.*

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an Initial Exam

Your child will have an examination of their mouth and teeth. This is usually accompanied by a cleaning and fluoride treatment. As well as discuss diet and tips for oral hygiene.

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SOme x-rays, if necessary

School age children often will have radiographs (x-rays) taken to determine the eruption patterns and development of their dental structures as well as to check for cavities.

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A consultation, please ask questions!

You will also have a consultation with the doctor and have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your child's treatment needs.

*Certainly exceptions to this may be made when children are very apprehensive or very young.

Dr. Dan was wonderful with my son Cam! Cam was a little nervous in the dental chair but Dr.Dan talked him through it and made him feel much better! We love coming here and would recommend it to everyone I know.
— Client Testimonial


We prefer to schedule our younger patients for morning appointments. We have found that a child's attention span is greater earlier in the day and that they are more relaxed about their visit. They are also more relaxed and have less anxiety about their visit. Please recognize that we try to accommodate as many children in the off school hours as possible but that we try to reserve these appointments for students in the higher grades.

Doing right by your family

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