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Tooth Extractions for Kids

If your child has a dental problem requiring extraction, we’re here to ensure they feel no pain during the process. Our team understands that the thought of a dental extraction or even visiting the dentist can be scary for children. Our goal is to make dental visits less daunting with patient education and comfortable treatment.

We also listen to patients and parents to understand their specific needs. Our office aims to ensure tooth extraction treatment in our Worcester, MA office is comfortable for patients.  

Tooth Extractions for Kids

Reasons for Pediatric Tooth Extraction in Worcester, MA

Sometimes, dental extractions are needed to keep your child in good oral health. There are many reasons why we may recommend an extraction for your child:

  • Problem baby teeth: If your child’s baby teeth are not falling out on their own and are loose, we can perform a dental extraction in-office.
  • Tooth damage: We may recommend an extraction if we cannot treat a damaged tooth with a dental filling or a tooth crown.
  • Cavities: If a tooth is too damaged from decay, we may need to extract the tooth. We often recommend a filling before extracting the tooth if we can preserve its structure. 
  • Overcrowding: Overcrowding can occur if too many teeth emerge and there is not enough room for them to grow properly. Teeth can also become impacted and tilted. Children with a small palate may need corrective orthodontics to prevent overcrowding, and we may need to remove baby teeth if possible.

A tooth extraction often relieves patients’ pain and discomfort due to their dental problems. Ultimately, dental extractions can prevent further tooth damage, infection, and other problems that can make everyday life uncomfortable. 

Ensuring Comfort During Tooth Extractions

We understand that the thought of a tooth extraction can be daunting for many people, especially kids. However, we provide treatment options like anesthesia and nitrous oxide that ensure patients feel no anxiety during treatment. Nitrous oxide is a very safe sedation method for children.

This gas is combined with oxygen and delivered through a soft mask. Under nitrous oxide, your child will relaxed and comfortable. Nitrous oxide also wears off quickly. Additionally, we will numb the treated area so your child will not feel anything during their extraction. We will also explain the extraction beforehand in simple, kid-friendly terms so your child understands what we’re doing.

After your child’s extraction, they should eat soft foods for the first few days. Hard, sharp, or crunchy foods can irritate the extraction sites. We will also place gauze at the extraction sites.

Ensure that the gauze stays in place until the bleeding stops. We will provide you with more gauze to take home with you. A soft food diet and gauze can prevent further pain and create blood clots that protect the tooth socket. 

Does your child need a tooth pulled? Call Children’s Dental Specialties today at (508) 625-5534. You may also request a dental consultation with Dr. Daniel Moheban online. We’re here to make a fear of dental visits a thing of the past.